Bridal health

Being a “bride in training” I understand how important health is. There is an intense amount of pressure to look PERFECT on your special day and to have the perfect wedding. But with all that pressure comes stress, and many of you may know that stress is not a key ingredient in a healthy lifestyle. So what is a girl to do?

First, REMEMBER TO BREATHE. Breath work is a great destressor and a key in meditation. You don’t need to spend alot of time on breath work but before making a big wedding planning decision, just take a few minutes and breathe to relax. Many brides feel pressure in picking the vendors. It’s a big decision because the brides want their day to be perfect, and the vendors are trained to sell their services. It is perfectly fine to ask for a few minutes to think about it alone without the consultant in the room pressuring, or to even go home and sleep on any of the choices. It’s perfectly okay to shop around, and often the different vendors will have different ideas for what will look perfect, ideas that you may never have thought of yourself. If you start early then you will have the time to decide on a decision. 

Second, START EARLY. I have been engaged for a year now and still have 10 months before my wedding, yet majority of my big vendors have been picked. Everyone thought I was crazy for starting so early, but the stress has not been there and instead I am having more fun. I have more time to pay off the vendors by giving myself a year to save, and I have time to make any DIY wedding projects to save money, gave myself plenty of time to make decisions, ensured vendors weren’t booked. I have learned to enjoy the art of wedding planning rather than the pressure of last minute decision making. 

Do NOT diet!! Diets do not work. Diets are not bioindividual, and this is important in losing weight. Just because the Atkins diet, for example, worked for one bride doesn’t mean it is a lifestyle that works for everyone. A healthy lifestyle is key. You don’t have to turn vegan or vegetarian or even raw that’s not the diet for you. There are ways to incorporate more healthy yummy food into your diet, and by incorporating the healthy foods will hopefully begin crowding out the unhealthy foods. Trust me, you CAN eat that banana instead of that cookie!! Besides, you may be surprised how much your mood and diet are correlated. Now that’s a smart way to begin a LIFELONG HAPPY MARRIAGE!!

Because we are headed toward the new year…

So this is my first blog post for my new blog! For anyone that will be following me, thank you very much! Why am I starting this blog? Because I want to reach out to others. Because I want to start a business and because I want to get my name out there as a health and wellness coach. Through studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have become  inspired to learn more about nutrition and wellness and to teach others how to live well, with less stress, better nutrition, and reach each individual’s health goals.


So I enjoy reaching out to everyone and teaching everyone the tools that are needed. I feel like this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.